eCommerce Service Promise

eCommerce Service Promise

Posted on June 15th, 2016.

Origami Penguin Snapshot

Origami Penguin is a Creative Design, Web Development & Digital Marketing agency with vast experience with eCommerce web development. We operate the department as a stand alone Creative Agency (Origami Penguin), but we operate from within our parent company Blink Photo Ltd.

Blink is one of the leading Commercial Photography Studios in the country. This gives us exclusive access to a range of services that are not usually available from Design and Development agencies. Origami Penguin really is a one-stop-shop for any Creative Project from Conception to Completion, and through to ongoing development with SEO, Marketing and Digital Analysis Services.

Our strong links within the Photography Industry, a highly experienced Design Team and a vast knowledge of the latest developments in digital technology make Origami Penguin the ideal all round agency for small to medium sized businesses looking to grow their presence online.

Our approach to eCommerce web development

The single most important element to consider when creating an eCommerce website is how the client intends to spend their time managing their store. Once we have judged this we’ll choose a CMS system that will help them to easily access the data that is most important to them.

Design stage

At the design stage of a project, our team will work closely with the customer to create visuals that are stunning and targeted, whilst incorporating technologies to ensure the design does not compromise on functionality. It is important to have a vast knowledge of the development process when creating a design, otherwise opportunities to incorporate enhanced functionality and usability can be lost at the first step. It is for this reason all of our Designers are vastly experience in the latest coding standards, something that isn’t often the case at similar agencies.

Development stage

Once the design is signed off, the development process is often the easiest step. Our team of Coding Geeks get to grips with the project at a briefing from the design team, they will then take the project to the initial development installation. This is where we publish a password protected version of the website for the client’s final testing and approval.

Aftercare services

What makes Origami Penguin stand out from our competitors is our unique tailored after care services. We love our websites, and we want everyone to be as successful as possible, but realistically this is very hard after a site is launched and the power is solely in the client’s hands. Often our clients have a very limited knowledge in good SEO, Development and Security Standards. It is for this reason we offer a tailored subscription service for all of our clients. This allows us a dedicated period of time every month to work on updates, enhancements, analysis and improvements. All very important aspects of the ongoing success of a website.

Innovative techniques that make us stand out for e-Commerce services

Our single most widely used system is WooCommerce, an eCommerce Plugin for WordPress the widely used Open Source CMS. This Open Source system set up allows us to offer the highest quality product at the most cost effective development rates. It also allows us to guarantee the ongoing upkeep of the system due to it’s widespread use. This leaves us free to develop innovative plugin extensions and integrations that are each individually tailored to our client’s requirements.

So if you need an eCommerce system that does something slightly different to a normal set up, we guarantee we can solve the problem. But what’s most important is that we guarantee the bespoke plugin or extension will be easy to maintain and update in the future, so your company won’t become reliant on something that isn’t cost effective.


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