Uni-ball Eye 20th Anniversary

Eye Aniversary

Uni-ball Eye 20th Anniversary

Animation to celebrate 20 years of the Uni-ball Eye, a flagship product in the Mitsubishi Uni stationary range.

Mitsubishi Uni Animations

We have worked on various projects for Mitsubishi Uni including a range of animations to advertise the unique selling points of each of their flagship pens in their stationary range.

The company approached us to create an animation that celebrates 20 years of the Eye, a versatile fine liner pen. The concept of the animation was to follow someone through various stages of their life and show them using the pen at School, University and Work. Animations are combined with this narrative to produce a creative piece of online marketing that can be embedded on a website and shared across social media.

Animation Techniques

This animation uses a range of different techniques including Stop Motion, Live Footage, Hand Drawn and Digital Animation. The result is a fast paced movie that makes an ideal tool for advertising on the web and across social media.

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