Branding & Logo Design

Your Logo

A companies logo is it’s single most used design tool for successful marketing and self promotion. If you have a bad logo, it can instantly put people off interacting with your business and give your competitors an edge. At Origami Penguin we understand the importance of this, but we also understand how personal a logo is to your business.

Your Brand

Your brand is created by the association people have to your products or services. Companies with a ‘Strong Brand’ are often leaders within their industries, but building one doesn’t come easy.

To create a strong brand you must plan how every aspect of your business will look when interacting with your audience. From the font used on your letterheads, to the tone of voice used within your newsletters, your brand must be a plan that encompasses every aspect of your business.

We have experience in building brand identities from scratch, improving existing brands and working within successful brand guidelines.

Working with you

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we understand that, as a business owner, you’ll want to be involved with the creation of your companies identity. It is for these reasons our tried and tested methods of developing logo concepts work for our clients.

Tried and tested brand development steps

Step 1

First we’ll get to know your business, we want to know everything about how you work and what your target audience is. Once we’ve done this, we’ll pick your brains for thoughts on inspiration, style and personal taste.

Step 2

Next we’ll come up with a range of concepts, each created specifically for your business. Once you’ve seen these it is very important you provide as much feedback as possible. We need to understand what you don’t like, as well as what you love!

Step 3

Finally we’ll develop a concept until you are happy. At this stage we can start to incorporate the logo into additional elements such as stationary design, website design, brochure layouts or anywhere else you’d like to see it.

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