Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

All businesses require Marketing and Advertising campaigns to successfully expand their customer base. Whether you raise awareness through Social Media, Printed Advertising, Online Pay Per Click or Point Of Sale, your campaigns should be consistent and targeted to build on your brand aesthetics.

Because kicking it doesn't always workPoster design taken from a range of magazine adverts created for Protec Studios

Social media campaigns

A well planned social media campaign can be the cheapest and yet most successful form of advertising on the modern web. If your social media account is already followed by thousands, you’ve got a captive audience asking for this content. If you are yet to build your social presence online, what are you waiting for?

Promotional videos can be the ideal content to share on social media. A well planned advert or piece of viral marketing can be shared between millions if you get it right. Find out more on our Motion Graphics pages.

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Printed adverts

Some people say ‘Print is Dead’, we say those people are bonkers. OK so printed newspapers and magazines aren’t getting the circulation they once did, but advertising prices have hugely reduced over recent years to in reaction to this.

A printed advert in the correct publication can specifically target an audience in a completely unique way. This should always be considered as part of an overall advertising campaign.

Cost per click advertising

Google, Facebook and Twitter all now offer ‘Cost Per Click’ online advertising services. If you’ve got a business that relies on visitors finding your website, these paid adverts can be the quickest and most cost effective way to drive traffic to your site. Plus with our performance analytics services we can track exactly how successful these campaigns are.

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