Performance Analysis

Customer tracking statistics

An important way to measure the success of any website is to track your visitors interaction with the content. Using the statistics generated from this is important when considering how changes can effect sales, subscriptions, contact enquiries or any other meaningful conversion.

Google analytics

Google Analytics

We include the Google Analytics tracking code on all of our websites. This gives us access to in depth statistics about how visitors interact with your website. With careful analysis these statistics can help you make important decisions about content changes and improvements to help increase conversions (sales, downloads or enquiries).


To help us track meaningful visits to any website, conversion tracking must first be set up. Once enabled every time a visitor makes a sale, clicks a button or downloads a document the conversion will be tracked. This helps us to see if a visitor from specific location (like those who click an advert) interact with the website in a meaningful way. By reviewing these statistics, online marketing can be developed to specifically target those who are more likely to make a conversion.

Ask one of the team to explain Google Analytics and website Performance Reviewing for more information.


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